archive services

Our company have a successful, long standing working relationship. We are professional in digitization projects to scan our numerous large sized artworks, prints and diagrams. More recently we successfully migrated to archive management and digital preservation services. We cannot fault either the consistent quality of the digitization or the quality of professional service provided and would recommend.

Our main roles 

Electronic Data Archiving

In a context of exploding digital content volumes, the implementation of retention schedules and policies guaranteeing thorough information governance is essential.

Through a single solution, manage the archiving of your information assets, regardless of their initial support:

  • A single platform to manage electronic, paper or mixed archives.
  • A governance tool for the corporate information assets suiting the needs for long-term preservation and security of binding documents, as well as the preservation of large volumes of data or documents.
  • A response to needs of regulatory obligations, application decommissioning, or production application clean-up.
Electronic Data Recovery

Backed up by the world's largest R&D team in data recovery, as well as exceptional customer support, we make sure that your data recovery experience is first class. With data recovery services to suit customers ranging from home users to the largest businesses, Digital Arts can help get your data back.