IT Solutions

IT Solutions

When you think of information technology (IT), you probably think of the guy in the dark room with all the screens and wires who you call when something isn’t working. “Have you tried turning it off an on again?” But what if your organization doesn’t have that guy? Or what if there’s a problem that guy doesn’t have the resources to solve? That’s where an IT solutions company comes in.

Essentially, Digital Arts is a whole Company, with different levels of experience, different areas of expertise, with the ability to maintain and protect your entire IT infrastructure – either with the support of your in-house IT, or in lieu of it.

types of our IT solutions services

Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance

Plan for business continuity

Conduct security risk assessments

Train employees

Analyze IT compliance

Plan for compliance gaps remediation

Manage anti-virus and web and spam filtering


Keep your systems up and running

Interface directly with technology vendors on your organization’s behalf

Provide visibility into overall performance

Strategy and Roadmaps

Define your desired IT-related results and expected outcomes

Develop a strategy for achieving those results/outcomes

Create a prioritized roadmap you review regularly to stay on track


Provide expert guidance on IT-related needs

Serve as liaison between the team of network engineers working within the IT environment and the executive leadership of the organization they’re working with

Network Services

Design, plan, and secure the network

Manage and back up the network and workstations

Infrastructure Management

Configure and manage servers and hardware

Visualize servers

Preventative Services

Plan for how to recover from disasters

Store cloud backups

Ensure high availability

Cloud Migration and Architecting

Cloud strategy consulting (beyond server migration)

Enable organizational scalability

Business Communication

Managed business internet and telecommunication solutions

Consolidated carrier relationships

Consolidated vendor and location billing

Benifits of working with us as IT Solutions provider

Cost Containment
To hire the dedicated resources in-house that can be provided through an IT solutions company, not to mention to purchase the tools and licenses and to keep up with education and training, is significantly more expensive than forming a partnership with a third party.

Insight and Innovation
Fresh eyes and outside perspectives can often lead to new ideas and fresh takes on issues that those who are in the heart of the storm might not have thought of.

Often, the guy in the dark room with all the screens and wires doesn’t have time to stop responding to requests long enough to look at an organization’s IT infrastructure holistically and come up with a long-term strategy to get the most protection, best service, and maximized scalability. But an outsourced team that provides a virtual CIO dedicated to your organization can do just that.

24/7 support with access to your network, familiarity with your organization, and direct contact with your vendors means extensive coverage for any issue, any time.

With data breaches and ransomware dominating the headlines with no end in sight, no organization can afford to leave access points for cybercriminals unprotected, and an IT solutions company can help cover those bases.

For a lot of business leaders, IT is just about making sure things work, which is a valid need. With eyes on every nook and cranny of your IT infrastructure, you can be sure uptime will be maximized.

Lack of Issues and Peace of Mind
Probably the biggest benefit that business leaders actually feel from outsourced IT is peace of mind knowing they’re doing everything they can to secure and manage their environment, which is only enhanced as the lack of issues their organization experiences proves the value of the third party partnership.

In a nutshell, an IT services company is a full-fledged IT department with leadership, vendor relationships, and enterprise-level tools – without the overhead.